best router on the market

best router on the market

Generally, today the world has grown to be a technology and internet-driven world. The internet has ultimately become a basic need that we all need to enhance our daily dealings as well as activities bearing in mind that it has become part and parcel of our lives. It’s also important to note that the world of internet has greatly undergone massive evolution to the current wireless network. The world of internet has transformed our lives to the point that we can’t live without a good wireless router.


Notably, routers are actually your silent companion, which helps connect all your devices to the internet. Routers are today quite essential and necessary part of both your office and home network. Wireless routers can broadly be broken down into various categories inclusive of single unit routers, which is a traditional router that plugs into your modem. On the other hand, we have mesh routers that consist of one device plugged into the modem, among other few satellite units stationed throughout your office or home.


To this effect, if you are in search of the best routers from the market then you need not to worry as this article serves as your ultimate guide on the top five best routers on the market square.


1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6700)


Fast Wi-Fi Performance: -the NETGEAR Wi-Fi router is designed to get up to 1500 square feet wireless coverage with AC1750 speed. The AC1750 speed is such that it’s a dual-band up to 450 plus 1300 Mbps.


Loaded with Advanced Technology: -the router is designed with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, which enhances its performance. It has three amplified antennas, beamforming plus, smart connect as well a dynamic QoS, among others.


NETGEAR Armor: -the router is designed with armor to protect the network as well the connected devices for any related internet threats. NETGEAR highly understands the nature of the network world, and for that, it comes with anti-virus, data protection for all your devices as well an antimalware.


Safe & Secure: -NETGEAR supports WPA2 wireless security protocols inclusive of DoS, VPN, Firewall, Guest Wi-Fi access, among others. It recognizes high system requirements from various OS as browsers, and for that, it’s compatible.


USB Connection: -the routers allow for sharing storage devices or even printers with any connected device. It also allows the creation of personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere at any given time using the 1*3.0 USB port.


Smart Parental Controls: -with NETGEAR, you can be able to use smart parental controls through pausing device internet access, filtering websites for free, setting online time limits, viewing site history usage as well scheduling device internet.


Wired Ethernet Portals: -the router allows you to plug in computers, stream players, game consoles as well other nearby wired devices with 4*1 Gigabit ethernet portals. Additionally, the router can serve up to 25 devices as well as serve different purposes inclusive of surfing the net, streaming videos, playing games online, connecting other home devices, among others.


2. TP-Link N450 Wi-Fi Router-Wireless Router (TL-WR940N)


Perfect Speed: -the TP-Link N450 Wi-Fi router is one that is designed for speed as it has a speed of up to 450 Mbps with ideal bandwidth-intensive tasks like HD video streaming. It has three antennas, which increase coverage as well as stability. The router also recognizes various system requirements of both different OS and browsers that way been compatible.


IP Based Bandwidth: – the routers’ IP based bandwidth control allows you to determine how much bandwidth is allocated to each device. The router also has a WPS button for one-touch wireless security encryption.


Note Ping Diagnostic Troubleshoot Tool: -the router comes with a troubleshooting tool that focuses on connectivity as well as reachability troubles, and that way is resolving the identified problem. The router also has a traceroute diagnostic tool which is responsible for testing the overall performance of the connection.


Parental Controls: -the router is also designed with parental controls, and for that, you need not to worry about your kids accessing unauthorized websites. These limits not only limit children from accessing certain websites but also employees or even clients.


3. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router (R6230)


This is another router of the NETGEAR series which is highly used as well identified as one among the best routers in the market and some of its unique features comprise of:


Loaded with Advanced Technology: -this is one of the key features of the NETGEAR R6230. The router is designed with an 880MHz processor, an advanced QoS, as well as amplified antennas, which make the router efficient in its performance.


Safe & Secure: -the router supports WPA2 wireless security protocol, and that’s inclusive of VPN, Guest Wi-Fi access as well firewall, among others. To this effect, you are able to be protected from any online attack.


Faster Performance: -the router is able to cover an area of up to 1200 square feet with a speed of 1200 AC, which can be translated to a speed of 300-900 Mbps. Additionally, the router can connect up to 20 devices despite of the task they are undertaking.


Wired Ethernet Ports: -the router is designed to plug in any computers, stream players, as well as plug-in any nearby devices.

Smart Parental Controls: -importantly, the router allows you to manage the internet access as well as filter websites this way you need not to worry about your kids, employees, or even clients accessing unauthorized sites.


4. Tenda AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router


Easy Network Management: -this router allows you to manage your network wherever you are. It also allows you to access helpful tools such as parental friendly timeout features.


Safe & Secure: -the Tenda AC1200 router allows you to enjoy safe as well secure internet connection as it comes with a WPA/WPA2 PSK package of security as well-advanced password encryption.


4 LAN Ports: -the router is able to offer fast as well as secure internet wireless internet. You can also use LAN cables to connect different devices that way fully accessing the internet. Additionally, the router is fully compatible with all major internet providers as its also perfect for any internet plan.


4 Omni Directional Antennas: – importantly, the router is designed with four directional antennas with beamforming as well a Mu Mimo technology, which enhances high-speed internet delivery throughout your home with a coverage of up to 2000 square feet.


5. ASUS Dual-Band 2*2 AC1300 (RT-ACRH13)


ASUSWRT Web-Based Interface: -the router has a web-based interface setup that enhances super fast internet with concurrent speeds of up to 867 Mbps, which is about 5GHz and 400Mbps.


Highly Encrypted: -the router is designed with 64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2 PSK, WPS support, among other encryption features that assure your overall safety.


Integrated USB 3.0 Ports: -these integrated ports allow you to share information or rather files externally through the use of flash drives with your network. Additionally, the router recognizes high system requirements from various OS as browsers, and for that, it’s compatible.


Parental Controls: -the ASUS Dual-Band (RT-ACRH13) is designed with control and management features that make it possible for you to monitor the various internet activities from your phone using an intuitive ASUS router App.



the internet has ultimately become a basic need that we all need to enhance our daily dealings as well as activities bearing in mind that it has become part and parcel of our lives. To this effect, choosing the appropriate router from the market is quite important as you have to get it right so as to fulfill all your internet needs. To this effect, following the above guide will leading you to the right router that meets all your internet needs.

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